Auxiliary Members

Litchfield Fire Department’s Auxiliary Members are some of the most important personnel in our ranks. From fundraising to front line support, these members support the fire departments daily, monthly and yearly operational requirements – a task that we couldn’t go without. Becoming an Auxiliary Member is a great way to volunteer your time while meeting a great group of people, tackling exciting projects, and becoming part of Litchfield Fire Departments great history.


  • Auxiliary Members provide support at accident scenes, provide administrative support, plan fundraising, hold committee positions, and more.
  • As an Auxiliary Member of LFD, you are expected to attend training and meetings to meet member requirements.
  • Extensive training is not required to become an Auxiliary Member, but time, commitment, and dedication to our organization are required.
  • 18 yrs of age
  • Citizen or legal resident of the U.S.
  • Maintain physical fitness qualification
  • Maintain drug-free service
  • Successfully pass background check
Fill out an Application and LFD Background Check Form to begin your public service now!