Here at the Litchfield Fire Department, we take our commitment to the community and our organization seriously. If you’re looking for an opportunity to become part of an exciting team while helping out your neighbors, becoming a Litchfield Firefighter might be for you.

Get Started:

1. Commitment – Making the decision to become a volunteer should be taken seriously. It may require hundreds of hours of training (depending on your level of membership) and a strong commitment to service and our organization.

2. Choose your path – Not interested in fighting fire? Don’t have the time to go to training? You don’t have to be a fully qualified firefighter to become part of the team. Explore the options below to help you decide:

  • Interior Firefighter
    • Requiring the largest amount of time to achieve, Interior Firefighters are trained at the local fire training center, Burrville Fire School. Interior Firefighters are qualified to enter compromised structures and engage in rescue, search, and fire attack operations. These members will performs full firefighting duty at fires, emergencies and drills (including interior structural firefighting) drive fire apparatus, and are eligible to serve as a Line Officer (Lieutenant, Captain, etc.) or Staff Officer (Secretary, Treasurer, Etc.).
  • Exterior Firefighter
    • Exterior Firefighters are indivuals above the age of 18 that maintain an active membership and participate in regular training with the fire department. At fire emergencies, these individuals may take part in exterior operations such as ventilation, exterior fire attack, water supply, rehabilitation of firefighters, scene management, and more. These members may drives fire apparatus and are eligible to serve as a Staff Officer. (Secretary, Treasurer, Etc.)
  • Fire Police
    • Fire Police are vital to operations during many incidents we respond to. These individuals establish traffic and bystander protection and diversion, so that the fire scene stays safe for civilians and firefighters alike. This essential role also frees firefighters to enhance manpower on scene. Along with traffic control duty at fires, emergencies and drills, these members are also eligible to serve as a Staff Officer. (Secretary, Treasurer, Etc.)
  • Auxiliary
    • Auxiliary members assist with non-emergency tasks, organizing events, assisting in rehabilitation efforts and fire police duties, (primarily a support role at fires and emergencies) etc.. These members cannot serve as staff or line officers, but may contribute administratively holding committee positions.
  • Junior (14 – 17)
    • Our Junior program is essential to the operation of our department. From a young age, juniors can begin learning the essential skills required to become a firefighter, and will continue to be the future of the department. As a junior, you may participate in training with the rest of the department, respond to emergencies, and even attend the CT Fire Academy’s Introduction to the Fire Service cadet training program. Junior members perform in a support role only at fires, emergencies and drills. Membership is limited to those individuals age 14 to 17. Junior members are not permitted to enter structures involved with fire or operate at emergencies in dangerous areas.

3. Come take a look! – Come down to the firehouse and meet our volunteers! We always welcome questions, and are more than willing to give you a tour. Check the Calendar to see when our next function is running. You may pick up an application if available.

4. Apply – Fill out an Application and LFD Background Check Form to begin your public service now!