Hydrant Locator

Hydrants in the Litchfield Hydrant Database are automatically arranged by street name. Click on any table heading to arrange by that respective heading or use the searchbox function to narrow down your selection.

NumericLocationConnectionMain SizeHydrant IDNotesOn-Scene Photo
Apple Lane4.5"Use Hydrant at 108 Meadow Street
461Bantam Rd.4.5"
336Bantam Rd.4.5"
421Bantam Rd.4.5"
439Bantam Rd.4.5"
503Bantam Rd.4.5"
Bantam Rd. and Baldwin Hill Rd.4.5"
Bantam Rd. and Brush Hill Rd.4.5"
Bantam Rd. entrance to Tapping Reeve4.5"
39Beecher Lane4.5"
18Brook Hill Rd.4.5"
10Camp Dutton Rd.4.5"
24Camp Dutton Rd.4.5"
19Constitution Way4.5"First Driveway Entrance
19Constitution Way4.5"Back Parking Area
Dickinson Court4.5"Westleigh Condos
53East St.4.5"
79East St.4.5"
190East St.4.5"Entrance to Wells Run
133East St.4.5"
117East St.4.5"
East St. (Historical Society)4.5"
61Gallows Lane4.5"*across from*
Goshen Rd.4.5"Intersection of Tallmadge and Goshen Rd.
Goshen Rd.4.5"Intersection of Sarca and Goshen Rd.
355Goshen Rd.4.5"
392Goshen Rd.4.5"
39Harris Rd.4.5"after 39, right off Ongley Rd.
9Harris Rd.4.5"Left off Ongley Rd.
Hawthorne Court4.5"Westleigh Condos
Karl St4.5"Intersection of Sedgwick and Karl
49Litchfield Commons4.5"In front of WZBG
17Litchfield Commons4.5"
Litchfield Ponds4.5"At number ?
Litchfield Ponds4.5"At the entrance
Litchfield Ponds4.5"At number 54
Little Pitch Rd.4.5"At Intersection of Camp Dutton and South Street (63 South)
228Meadow Street4.5"
25Meadow Street4.5"
60Meadow Street4.5"
144Meadow Street4.5"
184Meadow Street4.5"
108Meadow Street4.5"
Milton Rd.4.5"At Litchfield Ponds Entrance
27Milton Rd.4.5"Before 27
12Minerva Ln.4.5"
272Norfolk Rd.4.5"
308Norfolk Rd.4.5"Before 308
Norfolk Rd.4.5"Intersection of Norfolk Rd. and North Street
23Norfolk Rd.4.5"
40Norfolk Rd.4.5"
68Norfolk Rd.4.5"
243Norfolk Rd.4.5"
130Norfolk Rd.4.5"
153Norfolk Rd.4.5"
188Norfolk Rd.4.5"
Norfolk Rd.4.5"Intersection of Norfolk Rd. and Bridle Path
Norfolk Rd.4.5"Intersection of Norfolk Rd. and Weed Rd.
92Norfolk Rd.4.5"
411North Lake Street4.5"Between 411 and 422
345North Lake Street4.5"
276North Lake Street4.5"
88North Lake Street4.5"
North Street4.5"Intersection of Norfolk Rd. and North Street
North Street4.5"Rose Haven
116North Street4.5"
114North Street4.5"
North Street4.5"Intersection of Prospect and North Street
73North Street4.5"
256Old South Road4.5"Country Club Entrance
182Old South Road4.5"
99Old South Road4.5"
Old South Road4.5"Intersection of Old South and Westover
63Old South Road4.5"Intersection of Old South and Gallows
154Old South Road4.5"
Pitch Road4.5"0.3 Miles from start of road
14Plumb Hill Road, Litchfield High School4.5"Side Teacher Entrance
14Plumb Hill Road, Litchfield High School4.5"Front Main Entrance
35Plumb Hill Road, Litchfield Intermediate School2.5"Front Entrance on Island
35Plumb Hill Road, Litchfield Intermediate School2.5"Play Ground Area
Prospect Street4.5"Intersection of Prospect and North Street
50Prospect Street4.5"
183Prospect Street4.5"
96Prospect Street4.5"Across from 96
139Prospect Street4.5"
110Prospect Street4.5"Between 110 and 139
21Russell Street4.5"Only hydrant on street
Sedgwick Lane4.5"Intersection of Sedgwick and Karl
96Sheldon Lane4.5"
32Sheldon Lane4.5"
147South Lake Street4.5"
48South Lake Street4.5"
35South Street4.5"
71South Street4.5"
118South Street4.5"Intersection of Wolcott and South Street
150South Street4.5"
173South Street4.5"Across from 173
273South Street4.5"
311South Street4.5"
350South Street4.5"
470South Street4.5"Intersection of Old South and South Street (Bottom End)
550South Street4.5"South Plains Rd.
34Spencer Street4.5"Across from 34
Spencer Street4.5"Intersection of Spencer and West
Tannery Brook Rd.4.5"Intersection at Woodruff Rd.
Tannery Brook Rd.4.5"Apartment Building 31
Tannery Brook Rd.4.5"End of road on Corner
Tannery Brook Rd.4.5"After number 48
32Tapping Reeve4.5"At number 32
Tapping Reeve4.5"Entrance
37Torrington Road4.5"
Torrington Road4.5"First Congregational Church
78Torrington Road4.5"
137Torrington Road4.5"In the bushes
Village Green4.5"Entrance
Village Green4.5"In front of Building C
West St.4.5"Across from @ The Corner
West St.4.5"just past Bancorp on right
West St.4.5"Rear Parking lot near restrooms
West St.4.5"in front of old jail
West St.4.5"before town hall
82West St.4.5"
West St.4.5"Across from Center School
152West St.4.5"
200West St.4.5"
West St.4.5"At the Firehouse
West St.4.5"Entrance to Village Green
Westleigh Condos4.5"Dickinson Court
Westleigh Condos4.5"Hawthorne Court
Westover Rd.4.5"Hydrant at 184 Meadow Street
Wolcott Street4.5"Intersection of Wolcott and South
39Wolcott Street4.5"
51Woodruff Lane4.5"
Woodruff Road4.5"At Tannery Brook Rd.
117Woodruff Road4.5"
43Woodruff Street4.5"