Calculating Pumping Formulas

D = Diameter of Nozzle Tip FL = Friction Loss GPM = Gallons Per Minute
NP = Required Nozzle Pressure L = Length Q = Quantity or Flow
TPL = Total Pressure Loss H = Height PDP = Pump Discharge Pressure
Gallons Per Minute (29.7) (D2) (NP)
Nozzle Reaction (solid stream / smooth bore) (1.57) (D2) (NP)
Nozzle Reaction (fog nozzle) (0.0505) (Q) (NP)
Elevation Pressure (0.5) (H)
Elevation Pressure (in a building) (5psi) (# of stories -1)
Pump Discharge Pressure (PDP) (NP) (TPL)